Virginie Chapron du Jeu,Chair of Novethic

Virginie Chapron du Jeu Virginie is the director of finance for the Caisse des Dépôts Group. She was appointed as Chair of Novethic in September 2016, succeeding its founding chairman, Jean-Pierre Sicard. Having joined Caisse des Dépôts in 1989 and holding a number of financial positions, she focuses in particular on responsible investment and gender diversity issues through her role as secretary general of Financi’Elles, a federation of networks fostering gender diversity in the financial sector.

Anne-Catherine Husson-Traore, CEO

Anne-Catherine Husson-Traore Anne-Catherine is expert of sustainable finance in Europe, as such, she is deeply involved in promoting European best practices. After leading the development of as editor in chief in 2001, she was promoted Chief Executive Officer in 2006 to boost Novethic’s positive impacts, and accelerate the sustainable transformation of financial institutions, companies and committed citizens. In 2017, she joined the EU High-Level Expert Group on sustainable finance (HLEG) which final reports has guided and inspired the European Commission Action Plan.
Fully committed to an inclusive and low-carbon European economy, Anne-Catherine is a tireless advocate with several bodies, speaking regularly at conferences internationally and on social networks. She is an active member in many initiatives as Finance for Tomorrow or MENE (corporate movement for new economy).

Ludovic Dupin, Managing editor

Ludovic Dupin Ludovic joined Novethic’s editorial team in April 2017. As the managing editor, he will draw on his expertise in energy and environmental matters, in particular in relation to policy, regulations and new technologies.
He previously worked for several media including BioFutur, SVM and L’Usine Nouvelle, where he developed the online activity and was responsible for the “Environment and Energy” sections. Ludovic trained as a scientific journalist and graduated from the Lille school of journalism.

Corinne Amori Brunet, Head of Strategy & Communications

Corinne Amori Brunet Connecting and valuing ideas, people, and data to tackle today's business challenges is Corinne's driving motivation. In 2017, she stepped down as Global CSR Manager within Publicis Groupe to joined Novethic as Head of Strategy & Communications. Her mission is to drive the development of Novethic’s business activities in France and in Europe.

Nicolas Redon, Market Intelligence Manager and Green Finance Expert

Nicolas Redon, Market Intelligence Manager and Green Finance Expert Nicolas joined Novethic in September 2017. He is responsible for the analysis of climate investment’s policies including Energy and Climate in Europe. He is also coordinating Novethic’s expert newsletter on sustainable finance.
He has previously held positions in the energy sector in France and at two French embassies in the Nordic countries, working for the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Nicolas has developed a dual technical and financial expertise, focused on the decarbonisation of the economy.

Béatrice Héraud, Chief editor, CSR division

Béatrice Héraud Béatrice, a journalist at Novethic since 2009, writes for the website with a particular focus on climate and CSR topics. She is also a specialist in human rights in the business world.
Béatrice is a graduate of Centre de Formation des Journalistes (CFJ, a journalist training centre) and the IEP Rennes institute of political studies. She has also worked for Marketing Magazine and a range of economic media, including BFM, and regional media, including Ouest-France and Sud-Ouest.

Noureddine Aichour, Trainings manager

Noureddine Aichour Noureddine Noureddine is the trainings manager of Novethic. He’s in charge of the conception of the global trainings offer, as well as its implementation. Most of the time, he delivers himself the classroom trainings and invites internal or external experts when needed. Noureddine is a Grenoble Ecole de Management graduate (2002) and began his career as a marketing officer for investment products for various organizations (ING Direct, Carrefour Finance). In 2013, he shifted his career to work in the social field (training long-term unemployed people to find a job) and them was brought to train low-carbon houses masons on entrepreneurship in West Africa (The Nubian Vault association).

Jade Dusser, Sustainable Finance Market Research Manager

Jade Dusser, Sustainable Finance Market Research Manager Jade is responsible for data analysis and market trends in France and Europe since January 2018. She oversees the SRI fund databases and statistics on sustainable finance.
She holds a Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance from Paris II University (Panthéon-Assas) and started her career in asset management at AXA Investment Managers. Starting her career in Barcelona, Luxembourg and then Paris, she has acquired an advanced knowledge of financial products and she particularly focused on governance issues, voting and engagement.

Arnaud Dumas, Journalist, sustainable finance section editor

Arnaud Dumas, Journalist, sustainable finance section editor Arnaud joined the Novethic editorial team in January 2018. In charge of the Sustainable Finance section, he follows the latest news on investing in the green economy.
Before Novethic, Arnaud worked at L'Usine Nouvelle magazine for which he spent almost ten years following the finance sector. Arnaud obtained a DESS in Public Real Estate Law at the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

Florine Morestin, Digital project manager and community Manager

Florine Morestin Florine joined the marketing and communication department in 2016 to develop Novethic’s presence in digital media. An expert in the workings of the social web, she is in charge of coordinating media communities and the daily circulation in the social networks of the content produced by the editorial team and the research centre. Florine also contributes to the creation of Novethic communication campaigns and events.
Holding a Master 2 diploma in International Media and Foreign Cultures and Societies, Florine honed her knowledge of the social media at the marketing team of the NBCUniversal group as a web editor and community manager.

Pascale Chapron, Administrative Director in charge of Human Ressources

Pascale Chapron Through her functions, Pascale works at all levels of the company, acting as the real “hub” of Novethic.
Versatile, thanks to her extensive experience, Pascale was recruited as an executive assistant, a position in which she already handled the company’s administrative and accounting management. She has been a member of the team since the launch of Novethic in 2001. Her qualities naturally led her to the position of Head of Administration and Management in 2004. She was appointed Administrative Director in 2010 and is now responsible for Human Resources.

Conception Alvarez, Journalist

Concepcion Alvarez Concepcion joined the Novethic editorial team in May 2015. She contributes actively to the website, particularly in her preferred fields, including the social and solidarity economy.
A graduate of the CUEJ journalism school in Strasbourg, she obtained a Master’s in the Social and Solidarity Economy from the CNAM national conservatory of arts and crafts and has notably worked for France Bleu Orléans and Socialter.

Sabrina Joulia, Marketing, Communication and Administrative Coordinator

Sabrina Joulia Sabrina is a very creative person who always has a bright idea for highlighting the work done by Novethic. Sabrina joined the team in 2012 as an Executive Assistant, subsequently becoming a Marketing Assistant. She is now a Marketing Officer in the Marketing-Communications department, where her mission is to develop Novethic's marketing in paid media. Sabrina is also continuing in her role as Assistant to the CEO and the Administrative Director in charge of HR.
Holder of an Executive Assistant diploma (BTS), Sabrina was formerly Executive Assistant - Product Marketing in a distance selling company.

Hassen Ahlamine, CTO

Hassen Ahlamine Hassen has been the Chief Technical Officer behind the website since Novethic first began. Even though he speaks fluent Java, Hassen is far from being a stereotypical computer geek. With his headphones on, singing along to a tune, the web platform expert takes care of all of Novethic websites IT needs, from search engine indexing to applications for the team.

Stéphanie Bonnault, Development and partnership manager

Stéphanie Bonnault Stéphaniehas worked for 10 years as Relationship Manager at HSBC France. Convinced that it is necessary to accelerate the transformation of the financial sector towards greater social and environmental responsibility, she mobilized her top management and was appointed "Sustainable Finance Referee" for HSBC in France. As she wished to commit further, she joined Novethic in October 2018 as Head of Development and Partnerships. Stéphanie holds a Master degree in Banking and Finance.

Marina Fabre, Multimedia journalist

Marina Fabre Marina, joined the Novethic editorial team in November 2016. A specialist in women’s rights, she actively contributes to the site, for which she writes articles, news briefs and interviews.
Marina is a graduate of the ESJ journalism school in Paris and Université Paris 7. She has also worked for Vivre FM and Nouvelles NEWS and with the Ministry of Women’s Rights.