Published on 01 December 2018


Sustainable finance, a growing sector

An international mobilization for a sustainable finance has taken place in Paris this week. The major players in the sector took stock of their actions and made new green commitments. To this day, while sustainable finance is still a small business, a real movement seems to have begun to build a more sustainable world. The proof in figures. 

Initiatives for sustainable finance are flourishing everywhere.

Initiatives for sustainable finance are flourishing everywhere. Socially responsible investment (SRI) and even more SRI conviction follow their growth with respective growth of 5 and 10% over one year in France. Green bonds continue to break records and this year should exceed 200 million euros in the entire world. As for the global movement of divestment of fossil fuels, more than 1,000 investors are now involved. They together represent 7,200 billion dollars of assets.

Figures of sustainable finance

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