Novethic Label history

Since 2009, Novethic has developed several certification schemes to assess financial products in terms of ESG criteria. With these certifications, Novethic pursues the mission to push market players towards higher transparency and social and environmental impact of their investment products.


Inventor of the first European SRI label

The Novethic SRI label is the first European label awarded to SRI funds which take ESG criteria into account. Launched in 2009, more than 300 funds have been awarded with these labels over the years, offered by more than 40 asset managers.

The objectives:

Highlight SRI financial products towards investors which are verified by an independent third party. As such, at least 90% of the portfolio has to be subject to an ESG analysis with a direct impact on its composition: at least 15% of the worst issuers in terms of ESG have to be discarded.

Fostering transparency towards market actors, by demanding extensive information about the extra-financial characteristics of SRI funds and the portfolio composition.

The Novethic SRI label has not been awarded in 2016 but it has prepared the ground for ESG certification in France. This has led to a public SRI label offered by the Ministry of Finance. Novethic has been a stakeholder in the development of this new public SRI label.

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Certification expert of Green Finance

In 2013, the Research Centre has launched the Novethic Green Fund label, the major European label dedicated to environmental funds. It has been awarded to about 20 funds between 2013 and 2016.

The objective:

The Novethic Green Fund label has attested the environmental characteristics of the certified funds (minimum threshold of corporate green activities, indicators to measure the environmental performance, etc.) The certified funds had to comply with transparency criteria, too, by publishing the portfolio composition and showing a social and governance analysis of issuers.

The French public EETC label continues the certification of financial products in terms of environmental criteria. Launched in late 2015, it guarantees transparency and quality of environmental characteristics, audited by Novethic as an independent third party expert.

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A guarantee of quality recognized in Europe

Inventor of the first European SRI labels, Novethic has helped to develop the European SRI market. Today, it deploys its expertise to further structure the market. To this end, it offers innovative and tailor-made certification solution for specific themes and countries.

The FNG label

In 2015, Novethic has become a strategic partner of the German Sustainable Investment Forum (FNG) in order to develop and launch a SRI label for German-speaking markets. One specific particularity of the label is the grading model. A fund may receive up to three stars depending on the quality and transparency of its sustainable research- and investment approach.

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