Sustainable finance : three trends making finance more positive

Finance is not our enemy. On the contrary, it can even be used to develop a positive economy! This is the message that a changing sector wants to deliver. With a focus on three innovations created by startups discovered at the Change Now event, major financial institutions want to direct funding to...

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ESG integration : a question of financial profitability

The integration of ESG criteria in investment vehicles is becoming increasingly common for companies and investors worldwide, according to an East and Partners study commissioned by HSBC. For investors, ensuring the financial profitability of their portfolios is of the utmost importance.

Europe and Bill Gates launch a fund to finance "radically new" technologies for energy

The European Union and US billionaire Bill Gates have launched a 100 million euro investment fund to support technological developments in the field of clean energy.

ExxonMobil pledges $1 million to campaign a carbon tax

ExxonMobil pledged on Tuesday to donate $1 million to support efforts to adopt a carbon tax in the United States; a surprising first for an oil giant accused for years of having financed climate-skeptic studies.

[focus CSR] At Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, every employee shares the environmental and social responsibility

How can companies better diffuse CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) internally and throughout its ecosystem? This is the question all committed companies are asking. Novethic has identified good, achievable, and proven practices that have been put in place by major economic leaders. The following...

TCFD: Companies increasingly transparent on climate-related disclosures

Thus far, 513 organisations have expressed their support for the 2017 recommendations from the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). A positive start, the majority of these organisations already publish information on the subject. But there is still some work to do in order to...

Sustainable finance : Too many obstacles between engagement and action

Toronto and Wall Street have announced plans to launch initiatives geared toward the sustainable finance movement... and may even become leaders. But the movement is joined by some of the largest oil sand producers in the world, and motivation behind leading such a movement is driven by short-term...

European carbon market: with a rise in the price, the energy transition accelerates

A new Carbon Tracker study found that European Union (EU) carbon prices could average between €35-40 per tonne over the next five years. At this rate, the EU could save around 400 million tonnes in carbon emissions over the 2019-2023 period.

[Focus CSR] BNP Paribas transforms itself through company engagement

How can companies better diffuse CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) internally and throughout its ecosystem? This is the question all committed companies are asking. Novethic has identified good, achievable, and proven practices that have been put in place by major economic leaders. The following...

Climate lobbying : the double standard of European employers' organisations

A memo from Business Europe, the European employers' organisation headed by former Medef president Pierre Gattaz, revealed the nature of climate lobbying in Brussels. Even if the organisation portrays an image in support of the EU's climate ambitions, it explicitly asks its members to avoid any...

Exxon and Chevron join a climate initiative

Oil giants Chevron and ExxonMobil have joined an industry initiative to fight climate change. These are the first American to join this 2014 initiative, of which Total is a founding member.

Financial management debates on ESG fail to consider the social factor

In San Francisco, the Global Climate Action Summit and PRI in Person are taking place concurrently. On this occasion, responsible investors assert that a fair ecological transition will not be achieved by responding to climate and environmental issues alone: social dimensions must also be taken into...

Portugal has the upper hand in Europe’s lithium reserves, as demand for the metal continues to grow

Europe is 86% dependent on imports for its lithium needs. However, vast reserves of the precious metal exist on European territory. In particular, two large mines exist in Portugal, which could start operating by 2020. Nevertheless, the country's lithium, often referred to as “white gold”, is 2.5...

[Inside story] Zero: the new magic number for climate action

“Zero carbon” or “Zero waste” … these are the new keywords for communities and companies in regard to the fight against climate change. If we hope to achieve the Paris Agreement objectives, carbon neutrality is a necessity before the end of the century. But what’s really behind this magic number...

For the World Bank, no fight against Climate change without a price on carbon

The fight against climate change necessarily involves a pricing of greenhouse gases emitted, and therefore carbon, said Wednesday the Director General of the World Bank on the sidelines of a meeting of the G7 on the environment.

Global investors worth a combined $6 trillion are choosing to divest from fossil fuels

The Divest-Invest movement, calling for the exclusion of fossil fuels, continues its popularity seven years after its launch. 1,000 investors, holding a combined $6,240 trillion in assets, have publicly announced that they will no longer finance fossil fuels. All that remains is to transform this...

Global Climate Action Summit: the planet climate between voluntarism and catastrophism

The global climate summit in San Francisco ended September 14. Mayors, governors, businesses and NGOs from around the world have called on world leaders to do more in the next two years to limit global warming.

The largest sovereign fund in the world pledges to save the ocean from plastic pollution

Plastic pollution in the ocean is increasingly much so that the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund, the largest sovereign fund in the world, has just pledged to protect it. This is a noteworthy act, as the fund is present in more than 9000 companies worldwide.

Ecological transition: an opportunity worth $26 trillion and 65 million jobs by 2030

This is according to a report that the new French Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, François de Rugy, will be examining closely. In any case, it could be very useful in convincing his colleagues of the importance in fighting against climate change. According to the Global Commission...


Despite being accused of numerous rapes and sexual assault, producer Harvey Weinstein is being named after a new legal provision called, the "Weinstein Clause". Having recently been introduced in several corporate purchase contracts, the clause guarantees investors that the company in question is...