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Two-thirds of G20 member states implement TCFD recommendations on sustainable finance

As the G7 turned a blind eye to climate, a study published by British researchers highlights the fact that two-thirds of G20 member states have already started implementing TCFD (Task Force on Climate Related-Financial Disclosures) recommendations on climate reporting. France stands out as leading...

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Is blockchain GDPR-compatible?

Beyond cryptocurrency, today blockchain is at the heart of many business projects to better trace flows and ensure decentralised transactions. Among the leading sectors using this tool: energy, finance and retail. However, after the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into...

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When oil companies are the ones putting climate on the agenda of general meetings

The strategy of the world’s major oil & gas companies is far from aligned with the Paris Agreement objective of limiting global warming to below 2°C. Yet the mindsets, and the transparency, of major companies concern climate strategy. For example, Shell is committed to a 50% reduction in its carbon...

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A year ago, Donald Trump left the Paris agreement... And mobilised the world around climate

As announced during his campaign, Donald Trump kept his promise. A few months after arriving to the White House, the US President announced American departure from the Paris Agreement. A decision that did not have a snowball effect. On the contrary, his decision has even mobilised actors within the...

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Climate: NGOs demand accountability from BlackRock, the most powerful asset manager in the world

Tables have turned... Six months after Larry Fink, CEO of the largest asset manager in the world, released a letter urging companies to better account for the common good in their business strategy, three NGOs have noted BlackRock's own lack of excellence in this area. Among the negative points...

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Cobalt-free electric cars: a competitive and human rights challenge for Telsa

The electric car manufacturer, Tesla, wants to massively reduce the use of cobalt in its cars. This objective would reduce the brand’s exposure to market risks, which is currently under heightened tension due to exponential demand, and would also make its supply chain more responsible. As an...

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A green economy could eliminate 120 million jobs in agriculture

Responsible agriculture could have many benefits for the environment, but it could also have serious consequences for employment, warned the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in a study published on 14 May. According to their estimates, 120 million jobs would be eliminated in agricultural...

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Shell makes its climate strategy validated by its shareholders

The highly anticipated Annual Shareholders' Meeting did not lead to Shell’s adoption of a demanding climate resolution. But beyond the numbers, several observers see a signal sent to the oil industry while the issue of warming was at the heart of the discussions.

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Five measures for companies to better manage water resources and risks

Water management has become non-negotiable for businesses. Between the global increase in droughts, floods and groundwater pollution, taking greater care of this resource must be at the heart of corporate environmental actions. EpE (Entreprises pour l’environnement) offers some tips to achieve this...

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Climate, oil and shareholder influence: the shell test

On 22 May, Shell’s General Assembly will be the centre of a standoff between shareholders who want to push the company towards a climate strategy compatible with the Paris Agreement and those who do not want to oppose the group’s leadership. The outcome of the vote for this climate resolution, which...

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Climate change: a political and financial challenge for Europe

Good news : the climate is a priority for the European Union 2021-2027 budget framework, published on 2 May. Climate will represent a quarter of all programs, 5 % more than the previous period (€117 billion over 7 years). However, the framework does not detail any measures for eliminating fossil...

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Climate: Allianz turns its back on coal

The insurance leader, Allianz, will no longer insure coal-fired power plants and mines and wants to completely divest from the sector by 2040, the German group announced on 4 May. The insurer will also take immediate action to no longer invest in companies building "large coal plants".

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Donald Trump’s withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal boosts oil extraction

Already subject to supply and demand constraints, oil prices are heavily influenced by geopolitical tensions concerning the nuclear deal with Iran, which Donald Trump has threatened to leave. As a result, oil companies are seeing their profits soar as they pump their reserves to full capacity.

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Danone gives voice to the group’s 100,000 employees

Danone will begin to involve the Group's 100,000 employees with its long-term governance by implementing the “One Person, One Voice, One Action” principle, inspired by a cooperative business model. This decision was announced by CEO Emmanuel Faber at the company’s Shareholders’ Meeting on 25 April.

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Patagonia, Apple, Starbucks, and Delta Airlines : one of those companies which are challenging Donald Trump on CSR field

The American business coalition "We Are Still In", which began mobilising for the climate after Donald Trump announced American withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, just launched a new campaign entitled, "We Are Taking Action". But some companies are not waiting for a collective effort in order to...

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Five figures that prove the global fight for carbon pricing is (slightly) progressing

Since the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement, more and more countries have introduced taxes or markets designed to price CO² to push companies into investing more in energy transition. However, these efforts must be continued, according to the think tank I4CE, which recently published a panorama...

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Total strengthens its low carbon strategy with Direct Energie aquisition

After acquiring the electricity supplier, Lampiris, and launching its own gas and electricity supply, Total continues its growth with the acquisition of Direct Energie, one of the main clean energy suppliers on the French market. With this win, the oil & gas company more than doubles its production...

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Primark, Ferrero, Unilever: large companies accepting more transparency in their supply chains

By refusing to publish the source of palm oil used in their products, multinationals like PepsiCo and Kellogg are not keeping their promise to fight against deforestation, according to a report by Greenpeace. Increasingly under pressure, large companies are becoming increasingly more transparent....

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Cobalt: blockchain tested in the DRC in an effort to combat child labor

Global demand for cobalt is exploding amid an era of energy and digital transition. More than half of this mineral’s supply comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where nearly 40,000 children are employed in mines. In an effort to better trace cobalt, major contractors are joining forces to...

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Green Funds remain marginal in Europe, while general interest continues to grow

The political push towards green finance in Europe has led to unprecedented momentum in 2017 in terms of green fund growth. Assets reached €32.2 billion, up 49% year-on-year, and two countries are taking the lead: France and Switzerland.