Within the last few years, a shared statement appeared, pointing to the necessity of a sustainable economy. Since the 2008 crisis, many initiatives have been reflecting this awareness: COP21, the French Energy Transition Law, exponential augmentation of Socially Responsible Investments(SRI), successive commitments coming from worldwide asset management leaders.

Public and private financial institutions, companies, citizens: while climate emergency is setting the pace, many actors are looking for an immediately actionable expertise, with one common goal: to go through their sustainable transformation, within the best delay.

Novethic acts as a sustainable transformation accelerator for the major economic players. Subsisdiary of the Caisse des Dépôts Group (France), Novethic has been involved since 2001 in the emergence of responsible finance. Owing to its pioneer expertise, Novethic activates four complementary transformation levers: to produce knowledge and to foster conviction, to implement standardized assessment systems, to develop competencies of sustainable promoters and to highlight model initiatives. As an independent organization, Novethic is in constant discussion with all the economic actors in France and in Europe.

Public and private financial institutions, companies and citizens have thus at their disposal expert and quickly actionable solutions to address today’s challenges.

Novethic: Tools for action!