Greenfin Label, an Essential Benchmark for Green Finance

A reference tool for investing in the green economy

Created and supported by the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, it guarantees investors - banks, insurers and savers - that the financial products in which they invest effectively contribute to financing of the energy and ecological transition.

Novethic, leading expert in the assessment of sustainable finance practices in Europe, is an official auditor of the Greenfin label.


The objective of the GREENFIN label is to direct part of the savings for the benefit of the energy and ecological transition. It is at the same time:

~ For investors : a guarantee of an effective contribution to the financing of the transition
~ For green investment funds : a guarantee of credibility and visibility

The criteria of the label are based on 3 pillars: the green share and exclusions, ESG criteria and positive impacts. Together they provide a quality and transparency assurance both of the fund’s management process and its effective contribution to the transition.


Combine green share & exclusions

The Greenfin label is linked to a taxonomy of sustainable activities in which the fund must invest a specific % of its assets

Certified funds must exclude fossil and nuclear energies from their investments.


Keep away from controversies

The funds benefiting from the label must have set up a monitoring mechanism for ESG controversies.


Measure the positive impacts

The funds must publish reporting and indicators to measure the environmental benefits of the invested assets


Listed funds, hedge funds, infrastructure funds, bond funds, private debt funds, SCPIs, OPCIs, the Greenfin label can be awarded to a wide range of French, European and third-country investment funds.

~ Step 1: Ensure the eligibility of the application
~ Step 2: Check that the fund meets the labelling criteria
~ Step 3: Decide to award the label on the basis of the audit report

The Greenfin label is granted for a period of one year, renewable. During this one-year period, intermediate controls are scheduled to verify that the fund complies with the requirements of the label

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