Published on 20 August 2018


Homebiogas, the small home digester for developping countries

Anaerobic digestion is becoming widespread in the agricultural sector, but is struggling to enter homes. HomeBiogas found the solution with a human-sized digester in the shape of a tent. Connected to a gas stove, the device can provide up to two hours of cooking gas per day. Engie has invested in the company.

Homebiogas, a home scale digester

Do not throw away your remains! Turn them into energy. This is what HomeBiogas, an Israeli start-up founded in 2012, has put forward. It has developed a human-scale digester that you can install in your garden or on land and that will turn food waste into cooking gas.

It presents itself as an inflatable tent equipped with a funnel and pipes connected to a gas stove. You can thus produce your own energy while reducing the weight of your garbage cans, valuing your waste and reinjecting the liquid fertilizer thus obtained in your garden. What really close the circle. According to the Israeli company, two kilos of waste can produce two hours of gas per day.

A carbon footprint avoided of 6 tons per year 

"HomeBiogas offers a reliable, healthy and cost-effective solution for the people who need it the most and allows them to turn their waste into free energy," says managing director and founder Oshik Efrati. The system can be ordered over the Internet and mounted in less than two hours. Sold at a price of 650 dollars (555 euros) on sale, it would be profitable after one year if it is regularly used.  

L’objectif est double : contribuer à la transition écologique dans les pays développés où il permettrait de réduire l’empreinte carbone de chaque foyer de 6 tonnes par an. Mais aussi de s’imposer dans les pays émergents comme une énergie propre pour cuisiner, en remplacement du charbon et du bois de chauffage.

The goal is double. First, the aim is to contribute to the ecological transition in developed countries where it would reduce the carbon footprint of each household by 6 tonnes per year. On the second hand, it can be useful in emerging countries for cooking, replacing coal and firewood, with clean energy. 

Engie has been convinced by the project and has just invested in the company, up to 13% of its capital, through its Engie New Ventures fund. The French energy company has set a goal of providing sustainable energy to 20 million people by 2020. HomeBiogas can help. Currently, its digester is located in 90 countries and has 3,000 user families.

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