Published on 11 June 2018


HDF energy will build the largest battery in the world... Even more powerful than Tesla

Soon the town of Mana, French Guiana, is expected to host the most powerful storage system in the world. It will store production from a 55 Megawatt (MW) solar plant that is to be built concurrently. Behind this project is the French company, HDF Energy.

HDF Energy offers a powerful hydrogen-based storage system
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Undoubtedly, tricolour companies are engaged in energy storage.  After all, it is French Neon who installed the Tesla battery in Australia, the most powerful battery in the world with a power of 100MW. Today, it is the young French company, HDF Energy, announcing the construction of a solar power station in northern French Guiana H to a storage capacity in hydrogen form.

The solar plant, with a 55-megawatt capacity, will be installed in the town of Mana, near Saint-Laurent du Maroni, in northern French Guiana. In this French overseas department, electricity is still half comprised of fossil fuels, particularly fuel oil, explained the CEO of HDF Energy, Damien Havard. The project is estimated at €90 million.

250 euros per MWh

This major innovation, developed by the Gironde-native company, is made to associate the plant with a hydrogen-based storage tool based, with a 140 megawatt-hour (MWh) capacity. Hydrogen can store power over a longer period than lithium-ion batteries. For example, even Australia's Tesla model has a 129 MWh capacity.

The future French Guiana power plant is scheduled to be commissioned in the fall of 2020. According to the company, the cost of electricity production will be "close to the average cost in French Guiana, around €250 per MWh", but "lower than the production cost of local generators, which is around €350 per MWh," Havard stated, adding that the plant is viable without subsidies.

Storage development is key in supporting the rise of renewable energies and compensating for their intermittency. At the end of March, Jean-Bernard Lévy, CEO of EDF, announced an investment of €8 billion by 2035 in this area. This amount should allow the utility company to deploy 10 gigawatts (GW) of additional storage capacity over 18 years.

Ludovic Dupin with AFP

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