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Artificial intelligence: one week after being established, Google's ethics board is already falling apart

Google's ambition was to develop an artificial intelligence program with the US military. But faced with the outcry raised by its own employees, the company has since changed course and set up an ethics committee on this new technology. Impacted by a poor casting of board members, the plan has...

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Despite water stress risks, large companies continue to consume more water

22 March is World Water Day. This basic resource is increasingly abused due to demographic pressure as well as growing industrial and agricultural needs. Despite increased awareness of the risks associated with water scarcity and water degradation, large global companies are only adding to this...

L e galite entre les femmes et les hommes est aussi une opportunite e conomique CC0 01

[Infographic] Gender equality is also an economic opportunity

A $5.800 trillion opportunity. This is what greater workplace gender equality could provide the economy, and in doing so, increase global GDP by 3.9%. While equality should not be subject to economic performance, several studies show that inequalities are stalling growth. In some developing...

L avenir de l alimentation sera ve ge tal et nestle danone l ont bien compris istock

The plant-based craze sparks the appetite of companies and investors

It's time for agribusiness actors to take the plant-based path. Driven by an activist fund, Nestlé has just separated from the Herta delicatessen division to move towards more plant-based options. McDonald's will soon offer a vegetarian burger, and Danone wants to compete with French organic brand,...

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The future of corporate accounting could include ecological debt

In the future, business accounting will have to integrate the degradation of human and natural capital caused by company activities. In any case, this is what many experts are trying to push with a new method of accounting soon to be tested in France.

Plateforme petrole Total Gabon Total

Despite being challenged on climate, top oil companies still link production increases with executive compensation

To maintain a 2°C trajectory, it is a known fact that two-thirds of all fossil reserves have to be kept underground. However, the majority of oil and gas companies screened by Carbon Tracker continue to base executive compensation on the growth of hydrocarbon production and the increase in their...

Centrale biomasse Drax Angleterre BECCS Captage et stockage du CO2 DraxPower

Drax power plan successfully captures CO2...But let it back into the air

It's a world’s first pilot, a British biomass plant has managed to capture the CO2 it emits. This is an important step forward in the fight against climate change. The IPCC estimates that this technology could remove about fifteen million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere per year by 2030.

Mine charbon Prodeco Colombie Glencore

Mining giant Glencore will limit its coal production amid investor pressure

Glencore is not withdrawing from coal. However, the group’s recent announcement is almost the same thing for the stunned public, after expressing their desire to cap coal production. Pressured by investors to align their strategy with the Paris Agreement, Glencore will focus its business on premium...

Mine de charbon Queensland Australie BHP

An Australian court invokes the climate to reject major mining project

An Australian court just reached a potentially far-reaching decision for the mining industry. In order to reject a coal mining project, the court invoked climate change and the Paris Agreement.

Incendies californie 2018 Josh Edelson AFP

PG&E electric: the first bankruptcy linked to climate change

The recent bankruptcy of energy giant Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) is a very concrete illustration of climate risk. Suspected of being at the origin of the fires that devastated California last November, the company alone is paying a heavy price for its poor consideration of climatic...

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10 signals proving the ecological transition is on the right path

Global temperatures are rising, and biodiversity is degrading. Some experts are even predicting the collapse of our civilisation in the near future. Yet, the WWF along with the Banque de France have identified how renewable energy development, agricultural transformation and corporate engagement are...

Rupture barrage Brumadinho Vale Bresil 25 janvier 2019 Douglas Magno AFP

Vale’s dam disaster in Brazil is one disaster too many

On 25 January, a Vale mining dam collapsed in Brumadinho, Brazil. The avalanche of mud waste caused hundreds of deaths, creating a human and environmental disaster for the mining giant. The incident highlights the need to integrate social and environmental risks in the sector’s performance,...

Eolien offshore transition energetique CC0

From the geopolitics of oil to the geopolitics of renewable energy

If the geopolitics of oil were far from simple, it may be even more complex for renewable energy. It is a multifactorial domain that incites much negative reaction. Between the criticality of raw materials, the technological transfer to developing countries and the implication of oil-producing...

Coca cola va capturer le CO2 pour gazeifer son eau valser

Coca-cola to use atmospheric CO2 for sparkling water

Coca-Cola has recently unveiled an original plan for one of its products. In conjunction with the startup Climeworks, the group will capture atmospheric CO2 to form the fizz in Valser bottles, the group’s Swiss sparkling water brand. Climeworks affirms that is a way to fight against global warming,...

Amazon Fulfillment Center Shakopee Minnesota Tony Webster Flickr

Amazon employee shareholders push for climate action

At the end of 2018, a group of employee shareholders for the e-commerce giant submitted a resolution calling on Amazon to implement a plan to fight climate change. The group, which has made several environmental commitments, is regularly singled out for its lack of transparency and for lagging...


BlackRock calls on companies to create “purpose”

At the beginning of each year, the CEO of the largest asset management company in the world, sends a letter to leaders of the companies in which BlackRock invests on behalf of its clients. The 2019 edition stresses the link between purpose and profits.


SDGs: good intentions are not enough !

It's time for new year’s resolutions! For 2019, companies can already add to their list of good deeds, bridging the gap between their Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) engagements and their actual integration into the core company strategy. PWC's 2018 study, which references the trend in company...

Banque mondiale monde NicoElNino

The state of world in 10 key figures

10% of people are living in extreme poverty, 2.7 billion women are without work, 50% of school-age children are undereducated…but there is also better access to financial services and electricity. The World Bank has given us a contrasting view of our civilisation in 2019.

Maersk conteneurs David Martin Creative Commons Licence

Maersk, the world's leading container shipping company, aims for carbon neutrality in 2050

This is a strong signal sent to the entire maritime sector, about its climate commitments. Denmark's Maersk, world leader in container shipping, announced at COP24 in December 2018 that it is committed to carbon neutrality by 2050, thus meeting one of the objectives of the Paris Agreement. And...

Transition énergétique économie décarboné basculement istock

The carbon market does not undermine company competitiveness...quite the contrary

The decline in company competitiveness due to the carbon market is a popular argument being put forward by employers in an effort to curb new regulations and emissions taxes. Yet, in an OECD report, the authors identified an increase in turnover and asset value for the companies concerned.