Corporate Social Responsibility

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Artificial Intelligence : Google employees denounce collaboration on Pentagon research project

Google employees are launching a rebellion. And it could hurt the Internet giant’s reputation. The brand's employees are denouncing an artificial intelligence research program conducted with the US military. They fear that this work will be used to improve the effectiveness of combat drones.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Planet Earth facing a man-made mass extinction

All signals are red. According to biodiversity experts, Earth is facing a "mass extinction" of its species, the first since the disappearance of dinosaurs 65 million years ago and the sixth in the last 500 million years. But more importantly, it is the first extinction caused by human activity, and...

The functional economy: from selling goods to selling solutions

At the end of March, the French government will present its roadmap for the circular economy. The goal is to break from the linear consumption model - extract, produce, consume, discard - and encourage businesses to develop a functional economy based on selling the use of a good rather than the...

Pacte law: expanding business goals beyond profit causes division between French employers

On 9 March, Michelin CEO, Jean Dominique Sénard, and head of Vigeo-Eiris, Nicole Notat, presented their report to the government. It is intended to contribute to the Pacte Law on the transformation of company corporate purpose. Among the areas studied: the modification of the French civil code so...

The French Ministry of Agriculture announces bioeconomy strategy

The Ministry of Agriculture recently announced a "plan of action" for the bioeconomy in order to promote rural energy generation and encourage the use of agricultural, forestry, marine and aquaculture resources in the production of "food, renewable energy and bio-based materials".

Company transformation: a guide to new social purpose business models

The French Pacte Law is currently being drafted to address the issue of company transformation. This legislation could lead to the creation of new legal statutes, such as Social Purpose Corporations. The subject has provoked intense debate, and it can be difficult to navigate the new terminology...

Guillaume Pitron: "energy transition is the most incredible greenwashing operation in history"

Guillaume Pitron recently released a shocking book on energy transition. A freelance journalist by trade, Pitron has been investigating the origin of wind turbine, solar panel and electric car battery metals in over a dozen countries for the past six years. In his new book, "The War of Rare...