Corporate Social Responsibility

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Vale’s dam disaster in Brazil is one disaster too many

On 25 January, a Vale mining dam collapsed in Brumadinho, Brazil. The avalanche of mud waste caused hundreds of deaths, creating a human and environmental disaster for the mining giant. The incident highlights the need to integrate social and environmental risks in the sector’s performance,...

From the geopolitics of oil to the geopolitics of renewable energy

If the geopolitics of oil were far from simple, it may be even more complex for renewable energy. It is a multifactorial domain that incites much negative reaction. Between the criticality of raw materials, the technological transfer to developing countries and the implication of oil-producing...

Coca-cola to use atmospheric CO2 for sparkling water

Coca-Cola has recently unveiled an original plan for one of its products. In conjunction with the startup Climeworks, the group will capture atmospheric CO2 to form the fizz in Valser bottles, the group’s Swiss sparkling water brand. Climeworks affirms that is a way to fight against global warming,...

Amazon employee shareholders push for climate action

At the end of 2018, a group of employee shareholders for the e-commerce giant submitted a resolution calling on Amazon to implement a plan to fight climate change. The group, which has made several environmental commitments, is regularly singled out for its lack of transparency and for lagging...

BlackRock calls on companies to create “purpose”

At the beginning of each year, the CEO of the largest asset management company in the world, sends a letter to leaders of the companies in which BlackRock invests on behalf of its clients. The 2019 edition stresses the link between purpose and profits.

SDGs: good intentions are not enough !

It's time for new year’s resolutions! For 2019, companies can already add to their list of good deeds, bridging the gap between their Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) engagements and their actual integration into the core company strategy. PWC's 2018 study, which references the trend in company...

The state of world in 10 key figures

10% of people are living in extreme poverty, 2.7 billion women are without work, 50% of school-age children are undereducated…but there is also better access to financial services and electricity. The World Bank has given us a contrasting view of our civilisation in 2019.

Maersk, the world's leading container shipping company, aims for carbon neutrality in 2050

This is a strong signal sent to the entire maritime sector, about its climate commitments. Denmark's Maersk, world leader in container shipping, announced at COP24 in December 2018 that it is committed to carbon neutrality by 2050, thus meeting one of the objectives of the Paris Agreement. And...

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The carbon market does not undermine company competitiveness...quite the contrary

The decline in company competitiveness due to the carbon market is a popular argument being put forward by employers in an effort to curb new regulations and emissions taxes. Yet, in an OECD report, the authors identified an increase in turnover and asset value for the companies concerned.

Shell and BHP Billiton join companies leaving lobby groups over lax climate action

Enough is enough! After BHP Billiton, Shell is now turning away from lobbies and professional organisations, due in large part to their lack of an ambitious climate agenda. Such abrupt action is intended to send a message to stakeholders and shareholders alike that are increasingly concerned with...

Job cuts and a falling stock market: bayer in turmoil after purchasing monsanto

How will Bayer come out of this crisis? Since its merger with Monsanto, Bayer’s stock has decreased by 38%. The 9,300 glyphosate-related complaints against the firm have investors fearful of hefty fines. To minimise damage, Bayer announced 12,000 new job cuts. But employees do not want to be the...

Shell to link executive compensation to climate targets

Shell has announced several ambitious climate engagements amidst growing pressure from its investors. The oil company wants to link executive compensation to the achievement of specific climate targets. In addition, the Anglo-Dutch giant agrees to disassociate from lobbying groups that are...

Human Rights: less than 5% of global corporations show tangible action

The Declaration of human rights is 70 years old this December 10th. However, despite international texts and local regulations, the issue of human rights remains poorly apprehended by large companies worldwide, according to a study published by the extra-financial rating agency Vigeo Eiris.

Companies vulnerable to climate change risks yet to reflect them in their business models

While climate negotiations resume at COP24 in Poland to implement the Paris Agreement objectives, a report highlights the lack of consideration companies give to climate risks. This is especially true for so-called transition risks, or risks related to forthcoming climate regulations.

[Focus CSR ] Air Liquide accelerates its carbon intensity reduction with 2025 objectives

How can companies better diffuse CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) internally and throughout its ecosystem? This is the question all committed companies are asking. Novethic has identified solid, achievable, and proven practices that have been put in place by major economic leaders. During this...

L’Oreal, Michelin, Orange…Those companies are going forward circular economy

In February 2017, 33 French major companies committed to the circular economy. Almost two years later, 95% of promises are on schedule or ahead of schedule. Five examples show that the mobilization is well under way.

States must triple efforts to keep global warming under 2°C

It is extremely unlikely that global warming will be kept under 2°C if the gap between the current levels of greenhouse gas emissions and the level required does not close by 2030. However, only 57 countries are set to reach peak emissions by this deadline, warns a new report from the UNEP (United...

Ghosn scandal sheds light on the growing power of corporate whistle-blowers

Similar to UBS, Danske Bank, and Cambridge Analytica, the Carlos Ghosn affair was uncovered by a whistle-blower. This recent scandal demonstrates the rise of whistle-blowers in the corporate world, against a backdrop of increased demands on companies for transparency.

Emmanuel Macron launches “Paris call” in fight against cyber warfare

The increasing number of cyberattacks in the world is pushing states and companies to organise against the rise of an internet warzone. This was the purpose of the “Paris Call”, a high-level declaration initiated by Emmanuel Macron, which includes 370 States, NGOs and corporations…with Washington,...

Environmental risks pose short-term threats for oil, chemical and transportation sectors

Moody’s evaluated 84 sectors’ exposure to environmental risks. Those most under threat include construction, steel, chemical, automotive and logistics sectors. According to the rating agency, environmental factors could diminish the credit quality of the sectors concerned in the next three to five...