SRI Labels

Novethic is the pioneer of Responsible Investment certification (SRI funds, environmental funds). Since 2009, the Novethic Research Centre has developed various innovative certification schemes in Europe. These schemes are highly recognized throughout Europe. So far, the environmental and social performances as well as the transparency of more than 300 funds have been extensively audited by Novethic. Today, Novethic applies its strong labelling expertise to accompany the development of new certification initiatives. 

Responsible Investment certification

In 2015, the German Responsible Investment Forum (FNG) has launched a Responsible Investment label in German-speaking countries. One specific particularity of the label is the grading model. A fund may receive up to three stars depending on the quality and transparency of its sustainable research- and investment approach. Novethic is in charge of the fund certification process.

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Environmental certification

In 2016, the French Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Marine Affairs has launched the Energy and Ecological Transition for Climate (EETC) Label. The aim of this Label is to shift capital to green investments. Novethic has been appointed by the Ministry as auditor of this label.

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Novethic's label history

Novethic has built up a strong experience in the creation, promotion and audit of ESG certification schemes for financial products. Since 2001, the Research Centre has analyzed the evolution of Responsible Investment practices in France and worldwide. In 2009, it has launched the first European SRI label for Responsible Investment funds which take environmental, social and governance criteria into account.
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