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Since its creation 15 years ago, Novethic analyzes how Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices of companies and countries are integrated in asset management. Novethic offers two types of reports: responsible investment market research and tailor-made ESG research.

Responsible Investment Research Reports

Responsible Investment Research Reports

In these freely available reports, Novethic covers the latest responsible investment market trends: for example, we have covered the emergence of Green Bonds or the growing importance of ESG integration in passive management. Over the last decade, following the development of responsible investment in different asset classes, specific reports have been been produced on most of them, such as sovereign bonds, money market, etc. Additionally, these reports give high-quality information on market players, such as asset owners or research agencies. In 2015, with the unprecedented investor mobilization to commit to the 2°C scenario, Novethic detailed investors’ actions to tackle climate change. In the latest exclusive study "The European green funds market", produced with the support of ADEME (French Environmental and Energy management agency), Novethic analyses the European green funds market’s trends.



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Upcoming reports and research notes 2017:

  • SDG Investing (summer)
  • Implementation of Article 173 (French Energy transition law) by asset owners (autumn)
  • Finance and climate - latest developments (autumn)
  • Divest-Invest - a manual for asset owner (autumn) 



In special reports published quarterly called Notes Orange, Novethic publishes ESG-related issues and explains how these affect investments and, more specifically, how investors around the world tackled these issues. These reports tackle various ESG-related issues, ranging from energy efficiency, the automotive industry or the board diversity. They are available on demand in French and, if requested, in English. In an exclusive meeting at the launch of a new report, Novethic presents the report’s key findings to members of this group.

Overview environmental notes


Overview social and governance notes


If you are interested in accessing our quarterly Note Orange or if you want additional information, please contact us.