Climate Risk

Awareness of the financial opportunities and risks associated with climate change has grown in the financial industry. With the Paris Agreement essentially agreeing to limit GHG emissions to 2°C, companies need to adapt their business models to new and complex challenges that will arise from this change. Both the rising costs of natural disasters and the political will to decarbonize the current economic model have a major impact on the revenue and earnings situations of a broad range of industries. Many investors are facing increasing risks of reputation or stranded assets in a 2°C scenario.

In this section, Novethic wants to address these risks by analyzing the links between finance and climate change. The 2°C target makes it a necessity for investors to shift from fossil fuels to renewable energies. These reports help investors gain insights into how they are able to identify their carbon risk, what actions they can take to reduce it and how they can benefit from the current developments.


Carbon Risk, the web application developed by Novethic, explains the economic and financial consequences of climate change. More than 58,000 pieces of data from 14 different sources were compiled and analyzed to create Carbon Risk.

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Investors take action

In this section, Novethic outlines what investors do to tackle climate change. Carbon footprint and other different forms of investor actions are also explained.

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